Mona Lisa, The Kiss & The Thinker: Art History quiz deck cards

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8.25 x 10.16 cm

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48 fact-filled cards per pack, history of art knowledge cards are a great source of condensed information. All in a handy deck the size of a pack of playing cards, created by Jack Van Zandt.

From BC-era mathematics to twentieth-century house construction, this Pomegranate pop quiz in a box has much more than paint on its palette. Musical influences, unusual colouring agents, scandals, and a brawl add details and texture as Mona Lisa, The Kiss & The Thinker tests your knowledge of the history of art.

On the front of each of the 48 Knowledge Cards, you’ll be presented with a textual sketch of a technique, an artist, a movement, a specific work of art, etc. followed by a question or two or three. Your goal is to flesh out the canvas of each question with a well-crafted answer. Guidance and tutoring are available on the backs of the cards. The results are equally satisfying whether pursued solo in the studio or shared among the like-minded members of your school of art.