Do Ho Suh: Portal (hardback)

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32 x 23 cm

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Hardback book exploring the journey behind one of Do Ho Suh’s most extraordinary life-size sculptures, Portal.

This book looks into the collaborative process in creating a replica of a traditional Korean gate out of solid acrylic resin. Through a series of colour illustrations and texts, we are given a unique opportunity to discover how Do Ho Suh’s accomplished one of his greatest artistic feats in constructing the immense nine-ton sculpture, Portal.

South Korean-born, London-based Do Ho Suh (born 1962, Seoul) is one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Suh creates engaging and imaginative artworks, from large-scale sculptures to architectural installations, that ask questions about home and identity. ‘Home’ is so much more than the place you live. Your own version of home is a fundamental part of who you are, influenced by your day-to-day life and your deepest memories.