Andy Warhol paper puppet kit

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33 cm assembled

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Artist puppet kit to build up a cut out of Andy Warhol, by Wini-tapp. Produced and printed in the UK onto FSC 385 gsm card stock with brass brads to give it a stylish finish. Packaged in recyclable polypropylene sleeves, it measures approx. 33cms assembled.

The articulated puppet makes an ideal gift for art lovers and kids who love playing and learning. Once it has been assembled it can be used as wall decor.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was born 'Andrew Warhola' to Slovakian immigrant parents living in Pittsburgh in America. Warhol's subject matter was taken from popular culture, in the form of advertising, comics, magazines and packaging. He was able to produce his works quickly by transferring images onto canvas or paper through photography and screen-printing. Warhol stated that he wanted to make works that showed no trace of having been produced by hand. His interest in mass production reflected the fast-developing consumer culture he recognised in America.

Louise Burgess is the artist/designer behind the Wini-tapp brand. The puppet range was inspired from a children's workshop Louise was teaching some years back, when she designed the puppet kits for the children to make and play with, and they loved the characters.