Housewives with Steak-Knives by Sutapa Biswas apron

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69 x 80 cm (one size)

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Striking apron featuring Supata Biswas’, Housewives with Steak-Knives, to accompany the Women in Revolt! Art and Activism in the UK 1970–1990 exhibition displayed in Modern Two, from Sat 25 May 2024 - Sun 26 Jan 2025.

Bespoke apron manufactured in the UK, is made from 100% cotton with a screenprint of Housewives with Steak-Knives and accented green fabric staps. Soft to touch and lightweight, this apron comes in one size, 69 x 80 cm (W X H cm).

Supata Biswas’ painting, Housewives with Steak-Knives (1985) depicts the Hindu goddess, Kali brandishing a steak knife with a string of dictator heads around her neck. Biswas is a contemporary artist that was born in India and raised in London. While she studied at the University of Leeds, she created the iconic image of the avenging housewife-deity and like her peers in the black arts movement, Supata Biswas was creating art against a political backdrop of Margaret Thatcher’s divisive politics and the gathering momentum of black feminism and civil rights movement.

Women in Revolt! Art and Activism in the UK 1970–1990 celebrates the women who have challenged and changed the face of British culture through their powerful and often provocative artwork, set against a backdrop of seismic social, economic, and political change.

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